In the quiet light of the stable, you hear a muffled snort, a stamp of a hoof, a friendly nicker.
        Gentle eyes inquire “How are you old friend?” and suddenly, all your troubles fade away.
                                                                 – Author Unknown

2825 Willow Drive
Medina, MN  55340​

Bill  612-408-2848
Stacy  763-742-8055
Hanna 763-742-0021

At Skyrock we teach horsemanship. " develop the horse's natural athletic ability and willingness to work making him calm, supple and attentive to his rider."
We train and show hunters and jumpers as well as teach English riding lessons to riders of all levels.  Our goal is to culminate compassionate, confident riders with effective aids and relaxed horses.  
If riding is your passion, 
Skyrock is your place.
Meet the trainers:
Bill Nunn

Bill has spent his career training and showing hunters and jumpers.

Bill started out competing and training in Eventing and Dressage under Max von Bluecher (owner of Fortuna Farm). In 1971, Bill went on to start his own farm, Lothlorien, in Maple Lake. It was at Lothlorian that Bill apprenticed under Mykola Pawlenko and Marianne Ludwig. While under Pawlenko's tutelage Bill competed at his first Jumper show, showing in the Grand Prix. It was at that show that the Olympic selection committee chose Bill to train with the U.S. Olympic team under Bertalan de Nemethy. Bill has also had the opportunity to ride and train in Europe. Bill has a keen eye for selecting young horses. Over the years, he has bred and raised many successful top level hunters and jumpers. Bill has developed a system for training that is unparalleled. Many of his students have gone on to become top level riders. If you are serious about your training, Bill's program can take you where you want to go.​

Stacy Nunn

Stacy was introduced to horses by her Aunt Randy when she was 3 years old and has been passionately hooked ever since!
Stacy started Burns Lake Stables where she taught lessons, trained and rehabilitated horses and competed in Eventing (dressage, cross country and show jumping).   During that time Stacy trained with several top level riders including Olympic rider Becky Holder-Douglas.    Stacy and Bill joined forces and have been working side by side ever since.  Stacy shows both hunters and Jumpers at all the major shows.   Stacy's passion is starting young horses and teaching horsemanship to riders of all levels.  Stacy believes that consistency and relaxation are paramount to the learning and training process.
Hanna Olsen

Hanna grew up on a horse farm helping with day to day horse chores and started riding when she was three.
As Hanna got older she began competeing  in 4-H with the Quarter horse she raised.   During High School Hanna  pursued her passion of flying  with the Civil Air Patrol.  She received nominations to both the Air Force and Naval Academies - which she turned down to work with horses and children.  Hanna is a  trained Nursing Assistant and First Aid First Responder.  Hanna also holds degrees in Psychology and  Elementary Education.   Hanna currently teaches  the young riders program and is director of Skyrock summer camp.  Hanna's abilities shine through when working with the youngest of our students.  Hanna  has a real passion for both kids and horses and we couldn't be more proud to have her as part of our team!